Company reduces interim rent, improves lease contract visibility and simplifies order management processes



One of the world’s largest publishers of digital information and manufacturing was having issues with lease schedule management for their leased technology equipment. They were spending too much time on the ordering process and receiving invoices for additional fees that they didn’t understand.


LaSalle reviewed the Company’s previous lease schedules and found that the Company was receiving daily interim fees — the charges levied on equipment prior to lease commencement — immediately after placing their orders, before the equipment even arrived.

The LaSalle team worked with them to create a lease program that included a lease line of credit, enabling them to order what they wanted each quarter with no payments until the following quarter. LaSalle also provided the customer with a dedicated lease administrator to help set up orders and send a lease schedule with summary billing each quarter.

As part of the program, the Customer’s equipment information and lease schedules were organized in LAMP, LaSalle’s cloud-based toolset, with 24/7 access from any browser, iOS or Android device.


With the implementation of LaSalle’s “Quarterly Takedown” program, the Customer has cut these interim rent fees in half. The Customer now has an efficient and easy-to-manage equipment lease process, complete visibility into their lease schedules, setup for all equipment orders with known parameters, quarterly summary billing and dedicated contacts and support.

Using LaSalle’s LAMP toolset, the Customer can review, track and generate reports around any aspect of their equipment and lease schedules to stay ahead of maturity dates and better plan for future needs.


Industry: Digital Information Publishing



  • Excessive additional fees
  • Ordering process inefficiencies
  • Lease schedule management


  • Developed customized lease program
  • Quarterly schedules & billing
  • Lease schedule & equipment tracking using LAMP
  • Dedicated lease administrator


  • Reduced interim rent fees through customized structure
  • Improved transparency with lease contract visibility
  • Efficient equipment lease schedule process
  • Better planning through tools and dedicated support

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