Managing the lifecycle of your assets, maintenance contracts and lease schedules should be seamless and straightforward. No one wants to spend a major chunk of the day wrestling with common issues such as opaque contractual terms and outdated equipment. But ensuring such streamlined processes is only possible with an industry-leading platform like LAMP from LaSalle Solutions.


LAMP: Your ticket to better information and processes

LAMP is the go-to platform for taking control of your IT infrastructure thanks to its unique and synergistic feature set:

  • Deep Cisco API integration: LAMP shines a bright light on your IT assets, giving you access to key information such as Cisco device status. Since it is also tightly interconnected with Cisco’s technologies, there is extensive automation and no need to repeatedly supply manual input.
  • Maintenance contract consolidation: Dealing with a wide range of maintenance contracts may be a familiar challenge for many IT departments, but it doesn’t have to be. LAMP enables contract consolidation so you can track all additions, moves and other changes from a single touchpoint.
  • Real-time data management: LAMP takes the pulse of your contracts 24/7 and can be set up to send instant notifications and generate on-demand reports so you never miss a critical change or misunderstand a process. Plus, mobile access is available via LAMP Mobile for both iOS and Android, with Bluetooth scanning to process device serial numbers.
  • Compatibility with existing systems: Popular IT management tools such as ServiceNow, Cisco Smart Net Total Care and SolarWinds integrate with LAMP through intelligent APIs. Custom integrations are also available for LAMP, so you can establish a workflow that fits the particular requirements of your organization.



Through these features and others, LAMP empowers you to create transparent processes that deliver timely, accurate information and fuel improved return on investment. There are many opportunities for LAMP customers to use it in unique ways to produce concrete results and boost productivity.


Learn more about how LAMP can integrate with ServiceNow and your other existing systems. Plus custom integrations!


How customers use LAMP

While the possibilities with LAMP are vast, let’s focus on just one example for now: Using LAMP to help with the management of IT assets and maintenance contracts. Keeping track of equipment conditions as well as the terms of the respective contracts associated with them can be challenging without an easy way to look up relevant, up-to-date information.

This problem is eminently solvable with LAMP. Managers have full visibility into the status of their hardware and software, the terms of individual contracts, the expected useful life spans of specific assets, and much more.

The simplicity of LAMP makes such information retrieval straightforward. Plus, LAMP assists with risk mitigation by simplifying the planning of — and the insight into — your IT infrastructure. You can avoid expensive and complex maintenance contracts and also gain renewed visibility into which assets need replacement or may be good candidates for recycling or remarketing. Both of these services are available directly from LaSalle Solutions.

Learn more about LAMP

LAMP will remake how you manage your IT assets and give you a fresh path toward greater productivity and insight. Learn more today by checking out our main LAMP page, where you can also sign up for a demo.


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Learn more about how LaSalle Solutions and LAMP can help you get better information and results.

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