Imagine you’re standing in front of a Thanksgiving feast full of delicious choices. How do you begin to pick out your food?

  1. Maybe you already have a good feel for what you want and can move intuitively from the salad to the turkey, getting just the right amount so you aren’t stuffed after just one plate and can still try other selections as you like — while saving room for dessert, of course.
  2. On the other hand, maybe you’re overwhelmed by the choices and so, to be safe, you get a little bit of everything, including some items that don’t really go together. You get some of what you want, but ultimately you aren’t satisfied.


Something similar to the second scenario can pop up during hastily planned IT refresh programs. But instead of filling up on bland iceberg lettuce and potatoes after several servings, project managers and procurement teams run into the much more challenging issue of having overspent on IT infrastructure.

This over-provisioning is widespread. One survey of 200 CIOs found that they utilized only 51 percent of the server capacity they had provisioned ­­— the IT equivalent of paying for a pricey all-you-can-eat buffet just so you can nibble on a few breadsticks. Such practices have spilled over into the cloud realm, too.

The 2017 State of the Cloud Report from RightScale revealed that up to 45 percent of all cloud spend was wasted. In theory, cloud computing offers a more flexible alternative to upfront capital expenditures (since you generally only pay for what you use), but its savings have not materialized for everyone.


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Key ingredients for a better hardware acquisition strategy

Since annual IT expenses alone can equal 3 percent of the typical firm’s revenues, it makes sense to draw up a well-defined plan for how you will buy, maintain and recycle your hardware.

So what criteria should govern how assets are selected? Someone dining out for Thanksgiving probably has several requirements to consider before selecting a specific food. For example, does it comply with dietary restrictions and is its fat/calorie content acceptable? And how big is the pie? Procurement should take a similarly systematic approach to IT purchasing by working with an experienced partner to get infrastructure that is:


1. High-quality

You’ll want reliable equipment from trusted vendors as well as an experienced partner to help you navigate asset procurement and upgrades.

EasyLease equipment leasing programs from LaSalle Solutions help streamline your lease processes. It’s sort of like ordering Thanksgiving dinner online or over the phone: You get a simple and upfront process, delivery that fits your schedule and advice on what to pick (in this case, vendors) if you aren’t sure already.

But EasyLease goes further by giving you a single point of convergence — LAMP — for managing your leases, maintenance contracts and assets, plus straightforward procedures for eventual returns, re-leases and purchases. All disposal and data wiping is also handled by LaSalle.


2. Cost-effective

Sometimes the cheapest option is fine. In other cases, it is worth it to get something slightly more expensive, if only to reduce the risk of failure or sluggish performance. It’s almost the same calculus as deciding what restaurant to eat at, which will vary based on whether you’re prioritizing cost, healthiness or how you’ll feel after eating.

LaSalle can help you find solutions that fit within your budget and meet your requirements. Our deep relationships with hardware manufacturers and enterprise software providers help ensure that you get the best value for your IT refresh program.


3. Manageable

Buying or leasing hardware is only an early first step in the equipment lifecycle. It will need to be tracked, supported and eventually replaced.

Fortunately, LaSalle offers consulting as well as technical tools such as LAMP to stay on top of all your information, helping you avoid downtime and drive a more proactive lifecycle around your IT and capital equipment.


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