Your IT assets and systems are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle: When they are properly integrated, you don’t notice the differences between individual components, but if one is missing or damaged, then the entire experience becomes really jarring.

Easy access to the information you need, along with the system integrations that make it possible, are the bread and butter of proper IT management. But secure, effective insight into all of your key infrastructures can be difficult with so many moving parts. The spread of cloud computing and the Internet of Things are likely to exacerbate the problem if no corrective action is taken, since they will greatly increase the number of devices, applications and contracts tied to the network.

Continued success will require better control over all aspects of your network infrastructure.


The secret to effective IT integration

[ctt_hbox link=”3Uf_L” via=”no” ]Effective IT integration takes successful initial installation and configuration, supported by ongoing assessments and consulting to keep everything up-to-date.[/ctt_hbox] LaSalle works closely with customers to help them simplify these processes and ensure that their devices, applications and services fit well together to address key requirements for:



Effective cybersecurity requires proactive detection and response, up-to-date equipment, patched operating systems and generally well-designed IT architectures. A December 2016 report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that the most effective products were ones with security integrated in the initial design, and that integration of security into processes such as supply chain management was essential in warding off potential threats.


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Technology evolutions

According to a 2017 Computer Economics study, the percentage of IT budgets allocated to capital spending has been declining for years, from 24 percent in 2013 to 18 percent in 2017. The shift has been driven in part by IT refresh programs and especially the adoption of cloud computing — everything from unified communications software to Infrastructure-as-a-Service — which is typically tabulated as an operating expense. New assets must be integrated alongside older ones to support projects such as hybrid cloud.


Service management

Solutions such as ServiceNow have become popular systems of record for a wide range of activities, including IT processes, human resources, legal proceedings, application development, marketing and facilities and field service management. Plus, ServiceNow et al. can be integrated with other platforms such as LAMP from LaSalle Solutions for comprehensive oversight of IT information.


Learn more about how LAMP can integrate with ServiceNow and your other existing systems. Plus custom integrations!


LaSalle offers lifecycle asset management for technology and other types of equipment via a broad portfolio of services, including financing, remarketing, disposition and the cloud-based LAMP platform.


By partnering with LaSalle, you can make sure that the assets you rely on to run your organization are well-integrated and consistently capable of meeting any demands placed on them.



Filling in the gaps with LAMP

Today’s organizations typically rely on multiple vendors for everything from cybersecurity solutions to data analytics about key performance indicators, making it imperative that their decision-makers in IT and throughout the business have an accurate picture of the entire network.

To combine the many moving parts of their IT infrastructures and get them fitted together as tightly as the jigsaw puzzle we mentioned earlier, LaSalle customers connect their systems to LAMP. By integrating these data sources and pulling information from both LAMP and other platforms, they can overcome traditional difficulties in monitoring all the fine-grained technical details of the business.

With the customer-centric guidance of LaSalle, LAMP can deliver a wide range of benefits to an organization, including:

  • Better forecasting and budgeting: With more information and superior reporting at their fingertips, planners can work with greater confidence and make informed decisions for the entire firm.
  • Less risk of downtime: Outages are extremely costly for IT organizations, but their likelihood can be lowered with improved insight into equipment contracts and replacement schedules, which enhance risk mitigation.
  • Decreased maintenance costs: Consolidation of maintenance contacts in tandem with data validation help reduce delays and common oversights in maintaining your vital assets.



Get started with LAMP and LaSalle

LaSalle works closely with customers to help them simplify processes and take control of their technology lifecycles with industry-leading solutions such as LAMP.

Visit our main LAMP Integrations page or request a demo to learn more about features and how LaSalle can help aggregate your complete IT infrastructure lifecycle.

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