Electronic health records (EHRs) are emblematic of the state of healthcare IT. While they have considerable potential to improve patient care and streamline information management, they also suffer from incompatibilities, missing integrations and unintuitive workflows, which together make them major time-sinks for many providers.

For example, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found 80 percent of EHR notes at a San Francisco medical center were copied or imported from elsewhere. As such, they were difficult to parse and required valuable physician time to fully be understood. Similar usability problems are everywhere in healthcare, from billing systems to wireless networks.


It’s no surprise that only 14 percent of doctors and 11 percent of patients feel they have sufficient face time, according to a Physicians Foundation survey.



Rethinking lifecycle asset management in healthcare

What’s the answer to healthcare’s IT struggles? A good starting point might be simplification of technology acquisition, along with improved lifecycle asset management.


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The health sector has historically been slow to adopt new technologies, even promising ones like EHR, due to:

  • High costs of initial purchase and installation for systems such as EHRs.
  • Increased risk of medical error and malpractice exposure from suboptimal EHR implementations.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs, which are usually shouldered by the practice instead of by the payers who see the most benefits from EHR.


With equipment leasing programs from a partner such as LaSalle, healthcare organizations have a straighter path to sustainable IT systems supporting superior patient care. Instead of being locked into unfavorable lease terms or having to purchase expensive yet rapidly depreciating assets, you get peace of mind through flexible solutions tailored to your organization, without any nickel and diming.


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Such favorable equipment leases help with cash flow optimization and free up funds for essential projects like modernizing your network to support certified EHR technology (CEHRT). There are substantial federal incentives, including higher reimbursement rates from Medicare Part B, for using the most up-to-date CEHRT.

However, you need cost-effective IT refresh programs and scalable network infrastructure before you update. LaSalle Solutions can help you find the best arrangements for your IT, radiology, laboratory and other healthcare equipment so you can save up for important technology investments and upgrades. LaSalle also helps customers implement proper maintenance management processes to better plan for repairs and minimize disruption.

Improve Your Healthcare Equipment Lifecycle

Visit our Leasing page to learn more about how LaSalle helps healthcare providers keep their medical devices up-to-date and working properly while easing administrative burden and preserving cash flow.

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