When deciding which business technology assets (hardware and/or software) to purchase, you consider more than just how it will affect your organization on day one. You also look at the scope of the ensuing transition to it, the costs of adding and renewing licenses, end-of-life and service options, and what enhancements will be available from the original vendor as well as any third-party ecosystem.

Today’s cloud applications require close monitoring, since they aren’t fully under your control. You want to make sure you know which apps are actually in use, the risks associated with them, and whether they’re worth periodically renewing, all while keeping tabs on your on-premises infrastructure, too.

Zeroing in on the solutions that are actually easy to activate, expand, renew and support isn’t always a simple process, but it’s much easier when you have the right partner to guide you along the way.


LaSalle Solutions: An IT lifecycle management partner you can count on

At LaSalle Solutions, we help customers better manage their IT lifecycle information and processes to ensure they are gaining reliable value from the solutions they invest in.


“It’s in our DNA,” said Steven Robb, president of the Solutions Group at LaSalle Solutions. “We manage information, whether it’s related to software, hardware, maintenance, licenses—we can do it all. Our unique expertise driving automation and integration helps us improve data accuracy while also turning that data into valuable, actionable insight.”


At the heart of these processes is LAMP, our cloud-based platform for more proactive IT lifecycle management. LAMP helps you with:


  • Global Network Visibility – See all your information in one place from any device.
  • End-to-End Insights – Track serial numbers, licenses, locations, contract information, leases schedules and much more.
  • Automation and Integration – Easily transition data with other platforms such as Cisco Smart Net Total Care, ServiceNow, SolarWinds and more, plus custom integrations.
  • Actionable Information – Better plan for the future with alerts, reports and timelines to help streamline your processes. LAMP provides visibility into data and technology across your IT systems, enabling you to identify gaps, overlaps and other discrepancies.


With the power of LAMP, we help you cut through the complexity of managing all of the different software, hardware and supporting services you rely on to keep your organization going. Having the right lifecycle tools and methodologies in place is especially important now that so much business software has shifted to the cloud.


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By shining a light on IT with LAMP and its many integrations, you can make such determinations more easily than ever before. Reach out to our team today to see how LaSalle Solutions can help improve your business.

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Learn how LaSalle’s solutions and services come together to help you take control of your technology lifecycle processes.

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