In today’s threat environment, it can be challenging to coordinate an effective response to cybersecurity incidents. There are numerous exploitable attack vectors available to cybercriminals, who now have options to launch distributed denial-of-service campaigns, spread ransomware or use phishing emails to infiltrate corporate networks, among other possibilities.

Unsurprisingly, the broad scope of possible dangers has resulted in a steep cost for the average data breach. The Rand Group once found that a breach typically costs about $200,000. This amount is a major setback for small and medium-sized businesses in particular, but it can be an issue for any organization, given that $200K is also about the average yearly company expense on cybersecurity.


Threats to cybersecurity: A sampling of what is out there

Any worthwhile defense against modern cyberattacks must be able to fend off persistent and sophisticated threats. What do we mean by “persistent and sophisticated”? Let’s look at a few types of malware that have challenged companies in recent years:

  • The Sykipot attacks of 2006 were archetypal examples of an advanced persistent threat (APT). They were initiated through spear-phishing via email, after which they took advantage of previous weaknesses in Adobe Reader and Acrobat to listen in on the network activities of targeted telecoms, defense contractors and government agencies.
  • The CryptoLocker phenomenon, starting in 2013, represented a major escalation in ransomware tactics. CryptoLocker not only stole data from target computers and demanded payment: It also used strong encryption to scramble its loot, making recovery without payment even more difficult.
  • Endpoints such as smartphones are also vulnerable to malware infection. The March 2017 edition of Nokia’s Threat Intelligence Report found that malware incidents on such devices spiked 400 percent year-over-year in 2016.


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With these threats in mind, modern organizations need appropriate security mechanisms that are both technically sound and properly implemented by trusted consultants. To these ends, LaSalle Solutions offers many IT security solutions, including but not limited to vulnerability assessments, PCI and HIPAA reviews. We also collaborate closely with CrowdStrike to help customers simplify and strengthen their cybersecurity postures.


How LaSalle and CrowdStrike join forces to help customers

Many organizations fail to identify the weaknesses in their cyberdefenses until it is too late (i.e., only after a breach has occurred). Fortunately, Falcon Prevent from CrowdStrike can help overcome this common blind spot.


Falcon Prevent Free Trial


LaSalle Solutions is part of the CrowdStrike Elevate Partner Program. As such, we deliver key components of the Falcon Platform as bespoke solutions, so that customers get the best protection possible from today’s complex threats.

By implementing CrowdStrike software with expert help from LaSalle Solutions, you gain several critical advantages in protecting your data and IT infrastructures from harm:

  • Advanced yet easy-to-use APIs for integrating CrowdStrike technology into your systems.
  • Synergy between all existing assets with the current IT environment, for superior threat identification.
  • Comprehensive and customized implementation to fit the exact operational requirements of your organization.
  • Ongoing asset maintenance and auditing to ensure that you are not vulnerable to unpatched and/or outdated systems.


Having full protection against APTs, ransomware, phishing and other attack variants is more important now than ever before, since the threat landscape is vast and the cost of a security incident is so high. Learn more about your options for technical solutions as well as consulting by visiting our security page.

Falcon Prevent Free Trial

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