Thanksgiving is a holiday of contradictions. It’s an occasion to express gratitude for what you already have as well as a prelude to the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, when you can pick up anything from a new TV to holiday decorations at the lowest prices. Some deals now even start on Thanksgiving itself, highlighting how the day is both a time to be grateful and to want more.

For enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses, Thanksgiving can have a similarly mixed feel. While many or most employees are off both that Thursday and the following Friday for a well-deserved break, companies with highly seasonal businesses, in particular, can’t rest on their laurels as the winter holiday shopping season ramps up. The increase in customer activity will put their existing IT infrastructure to the test, in the same way a Thanksgiving feast will strain someone’s commitment to normal eating habits.

The typical American will consume more than 3,000 calories for Thanksgiving dinner alone, with drinks and desserts pushing the total to 4,500, or more than twice the recommended daily value. Still, even this intake won’t have much dietary impact on someone who has otherwise adhered to the 2,000-calorie guidelines for most of the year. Likewise, a company that has subscribed to transparent technology asset refresh programs alongside a platform for equipment lifecycle management will be much better prepared for handling sudden upticks in network demand or technical issues. These solutions are easy to implement with the right partner.


3 reasons to give thanks for the right partnership this year

For organizations, partnering with a company like LaSalle Solutions — with decades of experience listening to its customers and delivering the tools and services that meet their specific requirements — makes all the difference in sustaining long-term success. Let’s look at three benefits from such business relationships to appreciate this Thanksgiving:


1. A more straightforward lease lifecycle process

As the perennial technical glitches during post-Thanksgiving shopping reveal, outdated equipment can be costly, causing missed opportunities and creating additional overhead for IT. Leasing programs should, in theory, make it simpler to keep everything up-to-date through a streamlined process from initial acquisition all the way to replacement upon rapid depreciation. However, many leases come with evergreen clauses and opaque terms and conditions that make them cumbersome (and expensive) to manage. Not with LaSalle. Our technology refresh programs provide upfront terms and automatic refreshes that match an asset’s useful life to the prospective lease term.


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2. One platform for technology information management

Tracking the lifecycle of maintenance contracts is essential, but seriously complex — like overseeing the preparation of a huge Thanksgiving meal for a large group of family and friends. It’s easy to lose track of an important data point, like the location of an asset, or forget to prepare for end-of-life processes. Fortunately, there’s LAMP, our cloud-based platform for managing all of your key technology information. LAMP can pull data from multiple systems and be configured with custom dashboards that present what really matters in a way that works for your team.


3. Numerous integrations with the systems you already use

LAMP works with your existing systems for superior integration and better visibility across the entire enterprise. Connect LAMP to systems like SolarWinds, ServiceNow and Cisco Smart Net Total Care — or take advantage of custom integrations — to plug important informational gaps so that nothing goes overlooked. LAMP ensures automatic data synchronization for more accurate tracking and contract validation. It has APIs for real-time updates about assets and is highly customizable through adjustable filtrations and predefined widgets. LAMP will adjust to your needs, instead of the other way around.

Take some time this Thanksgiving to count your blessings. LaSalle is grateful for the many customers who have trusted us with their business, and we hope to serve more of you in the future. Contact our team to learn more.


Learn more about how LAMP can integrate with ServiceNow and your other existing systems. Plus custom integrations!


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