In the search for more flexible and cost-effective IT operations, many organizations have moved toward hyperconvergence. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) unifies all computing, storage, and networking within a single highly virtualized platform, which can help greatly with streamlining data center management.

As recently as 2015, vendors accrued less than $1 billion combined from HCI solutions. Total HCI revenue could approach $5 billion in 2019, though, underscoring how hyperconvergence is gaining traction as an important part of new IT strategies.

Where a hyperconverged solution fits into different IT use cases

HCI platforms such as Cisco HyperFlex can address a wide range of requirements related to the use of real-time applications, the accelerated development of software, the overall digital transformation of an organization, and more. A few of the most prominent use cases include:

1. Supporting multicloud and hybrid cloud environments

Most organizations that use cloud computing services rely on multiple service providers. As a result, their applications reside in different environments, ranging from multi-tenant public clouds like AWS and Azure to private and hybrid clouds that extend their existing data center processes. In this context, HCI solutions can support more efficient deployment, management, and monitoring of applications while also serving as private or hybrid clouds.

2. Handling mission-critical workloads

Real-time applications, including HD voice and video, require top-notch performance. HCI can be a key piece in the real-time app puzzle, alongside others such as software-defined WANs. With HyperFlex, it’s possible to address issues such as latency at the WAN edge, resulting in more predictable performance. HyperFlex is also compatible with multiple hypervisors, meaning it can emulate a wide range of hardware to support scalable and high-performing virtualization.

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3. Developing software with DevOps agility

Building and testing applications is much easier with an HCI platform in place. Virtual machines can be quickly created, connected to a high-throughput fabric, and later decommissioned as needed. Dev/test environments become highly scalable and flexible. Any hardware can be cloned through HyperFlex’s hypervisor compatibility and put into a cluster for testing from any location. It all adds up to more agile development and easier collaboration, in keeping with the principles of the DevOps movement.

LaSalles becomes HyperFlex-authorized in the U.S.

To help customers realize these benefits and many others, LaSalle Solutions recently obtained HyperFlex Authorization from Cisco. LaSalle has worked with customers on HyperFlex implementations for several years. Accordingly, this authorization from Cisco recognizes the ongoing success of these projects as well as LaSalle’s continued ability to support these solutions.

“HyperFlex’s expandable nature is the future of data center computing,” explained David Pfau, Director of Data Center at LaSalle Solutions. “The right hyperconverged infrastructure solution should be able to integrate with your on-premises resources and support any application, at any scale, in any cloud.”

LaSalle can deliver a variety of value-added hyperconverged solutions built on HyperFlex technologies, in addition to offerings related to other Cisco products and services. We are already a Gold Certified Partner and possess many other official distinctions, including the Master Security Specialization and UCCE Authorized Technology Provider status.

As you think about how to set your company up for success in a world in which supporting multicloud environments and real-time applications are central responsibilities for IT, LaSalle can help. Learn more by contacting a member of our team today.

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