Modern IT environments are complex. In addition to operating the data centers that support their important applications, today’s organizations must also manage an expanding number of cloud computing services, defend against constant security threats and keep tabs on increased mobile device usage. Consider that:

  • More than 70% of enterprises now have a hybrid cloud or multicloud strategy in place, meaning that they consume public cloud services such as AWS and Azure alongside private cloud solutions. This setup creates challenges in tracking spend and maintaining an up-to-date service catalog of IT-approved applications.
  • IT research firm Gartner estimates that shadow IT (unapproved apps) accounts for 30% to 40% all IT spending at large enterprises. Shadow IT is threat to organizations of all sizes, as sensitive data might be stored on unsecured platforms, possibly precipitating a costly data breach.
  • Mobile data traffic climbed 71% year-over-year in 2017, according to Cisco. The combination of increasingly mobile and remote teams and growing reliance on cloud services raises the stakes for delivering reliable connectivity (via solutions like SD-WAN) and implementing robust security measures.

How can you stay on top of all these issues and the many others we haven’t listed? Success here starts with technology information management, i.e. being able to find the figurative signal within all the noise that your IT environment generates. LAMP from LaSalle Solutions is a comprehensive platform for managing everything from network security alerts to updates at your branch sites. Let’s look at some of the benefits of adding LAMP to your operations.

Aggregate your entire infrastructure lifecycle

With so many services, applications and devices in play, it’s crucial to have a single pane of glass from which you can track all of them. LAMP provides this level of comprehensive insight. From one intuitive interface, you can track your maintenance contracts, licenses, credits, return merchandise authorizations, and ensure that all asset information is up-to-date and in sync with manufacturer records. Your LAMP dashboard is also fully customizable.

Integrate with existing IT systems

LAMP can connect to other solutions to eliminate any blind spots in visibility. Out of the box, it can integrate with SolarWinds, ServiceNow and Cisco Smart Net Total Care. Plus, many custom integrations are available. Integrating LAMP with the rest of your infrastructure simplifies the contract renewal process and supports continuous monitoring and validation of assets and contracts, with the help of customizable widgets that display the information most relevant to your current concerns.

Access LAMP on the go

Many business-critical applications, such as VoIP and CRM, are readily available from mobile devices, making life easier for remote and on-the-go workers. Similarly, you can access LAMP from any phone running iOS or Android, in addition to being able to pull it up on a desktop or laptop. No matter where you go, you will have detailed information about IT assets and contracts right at your fingertips. LAMP Mobile can look up these details or use a Bluetooth barcode scanner to dig up more data on individual devices. It’s the perfect utility for performing a quick data center audit and receiving timely notifications about end-of-life and delivery dates.

Expert assistance from the LaSalle team

LaSalle will make sure that you have the best possible experience with LAMP. Our operations team will provide proactive guidance to align LAMP with your specific requirements, so it integrates well with your IT systems and always shows you the most relevant information.

To learn more about how we can help, contact our team today.

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