BreakFree Solutions helps enterprise organizations make the shift to “New IT” by accelerating their transitions to the cloud, transforming data centers and automating IT services, offering prescriptive approaches based on clearly defined positions, which are built on real-world experience.

We dismiss the idea that DevOps and transformation are only a tool purchase away. We also avoid the fluffy idea that DevOps is all about culture. Instead, we understand what it really takes to help an enterprise institute and execute cloud, DevOps and automation services at scale.

Because we understand the impact DevOps can have on all areas of the IT value chain, we built a diverse team of experts with skills in cloud native design, cloud architecture, infrastructure automation, software development, continuous deployment, security, DevOps and Agile delivery. We also have a comprehensive ecosystem of approved partners that we hold to high standards of service, including Nutanix, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Chef, ClearData and Workspot, to name a few.

Our company culture is built on the idea that today’s technologists understand the importance of continuous learning and change. In selecting our teammates, we search for and build relationships with individuals that fit our profile, equipping them with the tools, time, mentorship and reward structure to continually grow their skills.

BreakFree Solutions is a LaSalle Solutions Company.

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