Engineering Solutions

LaSalle Solutions’ Professional Services Group (PSG) helps alleviate the technology challenges that impact your daily business operations. Each customer engagement is different, so we work with you to identify the right solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. Get Started

Engineering Solutions

LaSalle Solutions’ Professional Services Group (PSG) helps alleviate the technology challenges that impact your daily business operations. Each customer engagement is different, so we work with you to identify the right solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. Get Started


Customized security solutions for data centers, cloud services, mobile devices, and more


Elevated communication with integrated voice, messaging, apps, online collab, and video


Agility and collaboration to seamlessly and securely migrate to the public, private, or hybrid cloud


Switches, routers, wireless, and everything else you need to design, test, configure, deploy, and manage your network

Data Center

Seamless cloud integration and device proliferation to support a mobile, data-driven workforce


Technology, services, and plans to enable mobile solutions while protecting assets and data

Bring us your worst situations, your toughest issues, and we will resolve them. This is our specialty.

- LaSalle PSG


Our team of expert security consultants works with you to understand the unique needs of your business, enabling us to better develop and implement comprehensive network security solutions to mitigate risk and safeguard your IT infrastructure against today’s complex attacks.


LaSalle conducts thorough assessments of your IT infrastructure to identify gaps and ensure that all aspects of your business are protected.

Secure Architecture Design

We implement industry best practices to help build customized security solutions around your data centers, cloud services, and more.


We can help integrate your security and other systems, ensuring a complete infrastructure solution to streamline your processes.


Installation & Configuration

When you’re ready to implement and deploy your security solution, LaSalle’s engineering team can be there to ensure proper setup and functioning.



The LaSalle team works with best-in-class security partners and is continually exposed to the latest technology. We use this experience to help you choose the right security solutions for your organization.

Ongoing Reviews

With continual asset and maintenance contract reporting, you can keep your technology up-to-date and working properly to avoid vulnerabilities from unpatched and/or outdated systems.


Secure Data Center


Next Generation Firewalls


Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)


Secure Access and Mobility


Content Security


Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE)


Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)


StealthWatch (Lancope)


CrowdStrike Falcon Overwatch and Falcon Host


Your employees utilize a variety of technologies, devices, and applications to collaborate across your enterprise. These tools must enable flexibility, scalability, compliance, and security to ensure sustained relevancy as your needs change.

The LaSalle PSG team can work with you to elevate your communication system to a truly unified, integrated solution that includes voice, messaging, application integration, online collaboration, and video.

Our Collab Solutions

  • Call Control
  • Messaging
  • Contact Center
  • Conferencing
  • Video & TelePresence
  • Optimization (Quality of Service, Virtualization, UC Security)

Our Collab Technologies

  • Cisco Spark
  • Jabber Instant Messaging & Presence
  • Collaboration Edge (for VPN-less access)

Customized Solutions. Real Results.

When you need help managing an IT project, are you getting a product or a solution?


There are many things to consider when choosing a cloud solution. Which cloud computing environment is right for your organization? How will it be deployed? Who will manage it?

At LaSalle, we understand the value of cloud computing. In fact, our own cloud-based platform, LAMP, has become the industry benchmark for managing IT asset and contract information. Our team of experts works with you to determine the right cloud solutions for your organization, and we partner with the best to make sure we deliver.

Our Cloud Solutions

  • Remote infrastructure deployment
  • Service availability reporting
  • Performance analysis

Our Cloud Technologies

  • Meraki
  • WebEx
  • Cisco Cloud Web Security
  • Green Cloud


Your organization depends on network connectivity to drive collaboration and productivity. LaSalle’s PSG team can help manage and scale your network to account for increased traffic and numerous connected devices, providing you with the network performance you need to drive innovation within your organization.

From audits and roadmaps to strategy and design, LaSalle has the tools, technology, and subject matter experts to set up a more adaptable network that will work for you now and into the future.

Our Networking Solutions

  • Software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Auditing/assessments
  • Strategy & roadmapping
  • Network architecture design
  • Testing & implementation
  • Pre-ship configuration
  • Internet of things
  • DevOps
  • Automation
  • Gap assessments

Our Networking Technologies

  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • Cisco Unified Wireless Network
  • Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS)
  • Cisco Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Meraki
  • Viptela SD Wan
  • Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)
  • WAN
  • WiFi
  • Switches
  • Routers

Data Center

Your data center architecture must support a highly-mobile workforce, proliferation of devices, data-driven business models, and be capable of seamlessly incorporating cloud applications and services. To meet these diverse requirements, LaSalle’s Unified Data Center Solutions combine compute, storage, network, and management into a single platform designed to automate IT as a service across physical and virtual environments.


Wireless technology drives more business communications and changes how employees, customers, and partners interact. And though mobile technology extends the reach of your workforce, it also opens the door to performance and security issues. The LaSalle PSG team evaluates your current environment for throughput, reliability, and security, identifying areas of risk and opportunity.

Mobile Voice

LAN Networks

Wireless Network Assessments

Location Services

Mobile Security

Unified Wireless

LaSalle Partners & Specializations

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